Welcome to Moonlite Bay Resort


“Fishing the way it was meant to be.”

Moonlite Bay’s scenic island resort location puts you in casting distance of the best variety of fishing in Ontario Canada. Perhaps it will be the schools of Walleye taking up the challenge of your bait, or the excitement of a Northern Pike striking your spinner bait as it skims over the top of the weeds.

Around the next Island the Smallmouth Bass lay waiting along the boulder shore lines to smack the first crank bait that comes by. Don’t forget our slab sized Crappies that are so active in the Fall. To top it off, there is the thrill of the monster Musky that follows your lure right up to the boat, just waiting for an excuse to come charging out of the water and devour it.

Whatever your fishing pleasure you will have plenty of opportunity at Moonlite Bay Resort on Lake of the Woods.  Thousands of Islands provide a weather protected fishing ground with an infinite number of sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, secluded weed beds and submerged reefs.

At Moonlite Bay Fishing Resort, experienced fishing guides are available to make sure that your time on the water is used to its full potential. Not only will they direct you to the most productive fishing areas for the type of fish you prefer, but they will also clean your catch and prepare a traditional Canadian shore lunch for you and your group. We highly recommend that everyone, especially our new guests, take advantage of their knowledge of Lake of the Woods and its ever changing fishing patterns throughout the season.


One of many fish caught off of Cabin 1’s deck.


His face says it all!